Membership Application Information

Membership Application form to be filled out on-line : PDF Fillable

Download and fill out the form manually: Manually Fillable Form


Our goal is to make it very easy for you to fill out the form on your device, then print and mail it in with the payment. We're a small organization and fully automating this isn't feasible.

If you try the PDF Fillable form and can't fill it in, you may download it to your device and fill it in there. For security reasons, most modern browsers block filling out PDF forms. If you want to do it anyway, here are steps you can take for some browsers.

Internet Explorer should allow you to fill in a PDF form, although since IE has so many serious security vulnerabilities you are strongly advised to stop using it immediately. Today. If your computer system is too old to support a modern browser it's time to upgrade.

Chrome comes with a built-in PDF viewer that blocks you from using interactive forms that you can fill out on-line. To turn the feature off, click the three vertical dots (called a vertical ellipsis) in the top right of the Chrome window. Then click Settings, and in the left menu click Extensions. Turn off the PDF Viewer feature. You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or an equivalent to proceed, but you should now be able to fill out a PDF form on-line. You may need to set your alternative PDF reader to be the system default, and there are plenty of instructions on-line to guide you through this. Chrome may re-enable the PDF Viewer on its own, so you many need to turn it off again as necessary.

Firefox has a similar routine. Click the three horizontal bars (called a hamburger) at the top right corner of the window. Select Options. On the tab that opens select Extensions in the left menu, and you will probably see that the Adobe Acrobat extension is disabled. Enable it and close the tabs that opened. Now when you try to load a PDF that is fillable you'll get a warning in the navigation bar. Click the warning and another window will open that allows you to run the Adobe Acrobat program and fill in the form.

Microsoft Edge - haven't been able to test it. Word is that Microsoft will be replacing Edge with Chrome. Using either Chrome or Firefox is recommended.

Safari - haven't been able to ask anybody with an Apple to test it.

Handhelds - Ditto

As time goes on this page will be revised.


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