Fair Grove Development

Fair Grove has several areas that are open to development, including zones for residential, commercial and industrial. About half of the land within the city limits is zoned agricultural. The city has had planning and zoning ordinances in place for several years. While the Chamber of Commerce has no direct controlling interest in development, we encourage new development where it fits with the community.

This link is a current zoning map of Fair Grove. Since Fair Grove instituted their own P&Z several years ago, all development within the city limits is regulated by the city.

If you're developing in the county, you should certainly review the following links for more information.

  • Greene County has a Land Use Plan which can be downloaded here. This is a large file.
  • You may also want to take a look at the Greene County Land Use website, which is here.
  • A link to a very detailed Greene County Land use map is here. This is another large file.
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