Chamber Member Survey

The Chamber of Commerce surveyed all members in February to determine what the priorities are in the view of the membership. The results are listed below, from most to least important. We will be pursuing these issues in the coming months.

  • Fair Grove Chamber of Commerce to organize and host a small business educational series for our membership (ex. social marketing, business planning, branding, etc.)
  • "Welcome to Fair Grove" highway signage (2 signs - 1 southbound and 1 northbound on Hwy 65)
  • Promote that Fair Grove is a stop on the Trans America Bike Route to encourage more bicycling visitors (we already have many visitors that pass through on bikes and stop at the Mill)
  • Fair Grove Community Advertising in 417 Magazine (In 2016 the Chamber sponsored the "Take A Day Trip" advertisement package in 417 Magazine)
  • New 1-color digital and letter sign to sit by the pavilion on Hwy 125
  • Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau participation (online and book participation available)

Because of the substantial boost that our revenues have seen recently, we should be able to be much more aggressive in getting some of these goals accomplished.


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