Proposition C Rollback Waiver

The Fair Grove Area Chamber of Commerce urges all eligible voters in the Fair Grove R-X School District to do their homework and become informed on the Proposition C Rollback Waiver issue.  You can Link to the School Website here and read the information presented by the School Board. There is good information there that you should read.

While the Chamber members listened to a presentation on the issue by Superintendent Bell during our February meeting, we did not vote to take a position on the Waiver issue.

It is very important that you learn everything you can about the issue and vote on April 4th. You can call the school at 417-759-2233 and talk to Mr. Bell if you have any questions.

There will also be an election for School Board members during the election. The PTO is also a reliable source of information about candidates and there are many PTO members in our community who are probably your neighbors. You should make every attempt to meet the candidates or review their positions so you can make an informed choice.

See you at the polls!


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