Check Out Fiber Optic Internet Now


(This is the second time I've written this. The first time my AT&T DSL connection dropped halfway through writing it and I lost everything and had to start over.)

Total Highspeed, a member of the Chamber, is investing a serious amount of money in Fair Grove, as the initial phase of running fiber optic cable to their entire service area, which includes a substantial part of Southwest Missouri. This gives Fair Grove businesses and residences something that most communities in Missouri can only dream about.

I know everybody isn't going to sign up for this service for economic reasons, but you really should think again. You'll be able to use a high speed internet connection to do things that you may not be able to do now.

  • Voice Over IP (telephone service) No more land-lines.
  • Boost your cell phone reception. If you have lousy cell reception at home, you provider might give you a booster that will route your cell calls via the internet.
  • Ditch the dish. If you have a television dish you can get almost all content from a variety of cheaper providers.

Chamber Member Survey

The Chamber of Commerce surveyed all members in February to determine what the priorities are in the view of the membership. The results are listed below, from most to least important. We will be pursuing these issues in the coming months.

  • Fair Grove Chamber of Commerce to organize and host a small business educational series for our membership (ex. social marketing, business planning, branding, etc.)
  • "Welcome to Fair Grove" highway signage (2 signs - 1 southbound and 1 northbound on Hwy 65)

Business Expo

The Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce would like to invite Fair Grove businesses to the Buffalo Business Expo
The Expo will take place on April 1, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Proposition C Rollback Waiver

The Fair Grove Area Chamber of Commerce urges all eligible voters in the Fair Grove R-X School District to do their homework and become informed on the Proposition C Rollback Waiver issue.  You can Link to the School Website here and read the information presented by the School Board. There is good information there that you should read.

While the Chamber members listened to a presentation on the issue by Superintendent Bell during our February meeting, we did not vote to take a position on the Waiver issue.

Hello from the Chamber

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